What is an air ambulance transport?

The air ambulance transport meets the transfer needs of critically ill patients, ensuring maximum security and uninterrupted and customized medical care. Our highly skilled medical staff constantly monitors the patient’s state of health on board and it is always in connection with the hospital doctors, in order to ensure all the necessary assistance to the patient.

Which destinations can I reach with Air Medical?

Air Medical performs medical flights connecting the hospitals over Europe and the Mediterranean region. Highly professional performance, quality and reliability are always guaranteed. Air Medical also enables the transfer everywhere in the world of patients whose clinical conditions are compatible with flying on commercial airliners but need a medical escort to assist and monitor them along the flight.

Air Medical’s aircraft is configured as an intensive care unit, i.e. it exactly reproduces an intensive care unit bed of a medical centre of excellence. This allows to transfer any type of patients in complete safety, even if they require invasive monitoring or ventilatory assistance. Injured patients or people with reduced mobility (e.g. paraplegic and tetraplegic), together with patients suffering from chronic or acute diseases (e.g. cardiac, lung and infectious diseases) can also benefit from our services. Among the specialized services we remind the transport of cancer patients and neonatal / pediatric transport. Our company stands out for its efficient management ability of any emergency, thanks to a medical staff that provides customized services according to the patient’s pathology and care needs. This allows Air Medical to take care in detail of the transport of any patient who needs medical care (even on a commercial airliner).

What patients can be transported?

How to get a quote?

From Italy you can get a free quote by calling the toll-free number 800 1777589 or by writing an email to info@airmedical.it. From overseas you can call the number +39 366 8115386 or send an email to info@airmedical.it. If you click on the following link you will find an operator ready to answer all your questions and provide you with a free quote in the shortest possible time. In this case you just have to fill in the online form and the clerk will then tell you the total amount, giving you a username and a password to enter the personal area. Thanks to these credentials you can have a look at your mission details and phases. Air Medical operations centre is all year round active, 24 hours a day and it coordinates all mission phases, keeping in touch with pilots, medical staff and hospital doctors, in order to allow a real-time monitoring of the patient's clinical condition.

Which services are included in the medical flight quote?

Air Medical offers two types of air ambulance services: the airport-to-airport and the bed-to-bed. The airport-to-airport service takes care of the patient transport on the air ambulance and it includes specific medical equipment and a medical team providing customized medical assistance tailored to the patient’s clinical needs. The bed-to-bed service takes care of the patient from one hospital to another and it adds to the previous service (the airport-to-airport one) the transfer by ground ambulance from the treatment centre where the patient is to the airport, the ground medical escort and the transfer from the landing place to the destination health facility.

How is the medical staff onboard made up of?

Air Medical medical team is composed of at least an anesthetist and a nurse. On the basis of the clinical condition, an extra anesthetist or perfusionist will be provided for the transfer of patients on ECMO support or extracorporeal blood circulation. Air Medical medical staff has performed specific training in order to operate on medical flights and has reached a long experience in the management of emergency situations.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

Air Medical accepts payments by bank transfer and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.

Can the patient's relatives accompany him/her on board of the aircraft?

The aircraft space enables to take on board up to two companions. In case of problems about the patient’s clinical condition, however, it is recommended to check availability at the time of booking.

Which medical equipment is on board of the air ambulance?

The air ambulance is arranged so as to guarantee the most comfort and safety to the patient on board. Among the medical equipment installed on the aircraft there are the Spectrum Aeromed stretcher, which works as intensive care unit and all Advanced Life Support systems, such as defibrillators, electrocardiographs and other equipment for intensive care. In addition, drugs and customized medical kits are provided according to the patient pathology.

How long does it take to organize a medical flight?

The time depends on the place where the patient is, his medical case and the mission urgency. We are generally able to take off within 2 hours from the quote acceptance by the customer, but in case of emergency we can arrange the transfer within 1 hour.